Individual vitamin mixtures


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Our vitamin mixtures contain vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, bio flavonoids and amino acids, which are placed on a herbal carrier, the guar flavor. The effect of this special carrier is, that our vitamins are liberated continuously for hours to the human body. This guarantees a perfect supply of vitamins all day long.

We can cover every therapeutic area. It is, for example possible to add Sylimarin to protect and regenerate your liver cells. We can cover the higher need for vitamins during pregnancy and lactation. Calcium und vitamin D against osteoporosis. Tryptophan to better your depressive mood.....

For every therapeutic area our vitamins are the better and cheaper solution!




Individual combination of vitamins for your needs

  Extended release to liberate the vitamins during the day

  Less interference of the vitamins against each other

 The specific vitamins are indiviually mixable to get your own personell vitamin mix



Examples for therapeutic areas covered by the vitamin mixtures:




   During pregnancy and lactation



 To better your allergic syndroms




 To better your athletic performance




  During your menopause



 If you got problems with your knee joint



 To boost your immune system




 During cancer treatment




 For your skin, hair and nail care  



 Venous disorders and varices



 If drugs disrupt your vitamin supply




  For your vitality and mental balance



 Homocystein - a newfound risk factor


And endless more therapeutic areas. Just get a free consultation....


Source: HCK Vitalstoffe

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