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Alpenkräuter Arnica embrocation


The arnica embrocation is an intensive and stimulating embrocation. It is a good skin care for stressed skin. The time-tested household remedy can be used to regain performance and supports the blood circulation of the skin.

It's usefull if you got any kind of muscle problems, like muscle ache or bruises.


100 ml - 2,80 €

200 ml - 5,00 €

  500 ml - 11,00 €

1000 ml - 20,40 €






Production of the arnica gel





The cooling arnica gel can be used as an embrocation if you got muscle or knee joint problems, bruises, venous disorders and a feeling of weekness in your legs.


The home made recipe is established for years and the gel is also used by the local hospital "Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen".



1 Tube 100g - 7,85 €













Our "Aufbaukalk" is a homeoopathic medicament which can be used during pregnancy and lactation to prevent deficiency symptoms.

It's traditionally used is to assist bone and teeth growth of infants during pregnancy.


250 g - 14,50









Angelica ointment


The angelica ointment is made of the "Engelwurz". It's especially for infants and small children if they have a cold. Just put it on the childs chest or the alar wing of the nose.


The ointment can help to expectorant the slime and is warming the nasal cavity and sinuses.


Our proposal is to put it on two times a day.




1 Tube 25g - 3,90 €









Garmischer Kräutertrunk


Our home made "Garmischer Kräutertrunk" is a herbal schnaps which is produced our own since many years. It contains different domestic plants (for example arnica, angelica or gentian)


The "Garmischer Kräutertrunk" has to age several months before the final unique taste is reached. 


Every single year only about 100 liters of this exclusive liqueur are produced. It contains 40% alcohol.





0,35 Liter - 8,95€


0,7 Liter - 14,95€








Lavender-Evening primrose ointment


The Lavender-Evening primrose ointment is an ointment especially for dry skin. It can be a supportive therapy of dry skin and atopic dermatitis.


The high quality evening primrose oil is the decisive ingredient of this conditioning ointment.



100 g - 8,70 €








Mountain pine - Franzbranntwein



The home made "Franzbranntwein" embrocation can be used to prevent muscle ache and for any kind of muscle pain.


Additionally the "Franzbranntwein" can be used if you got blood circulation disorders, a sporting injury or nightly cramps in the calf.


The embrocation is circulation-enhancing, comfortably cooling and is penetrating deeply through the skin.



100 ml - 2,45 €

200 ml - 3,80 €

500 ml - 8,95 €

1000 ml - 16,80 €























Production of the marigold ointment


Marigold ointment - Ringelblumensalbe spezial



The Marigold ointment is home made and it helps to better skin diseases, injuries, eczema, dry hands or dry lipps


Bees wax is the basis of this ointment, so it is very caring for dry skin.


The Marigold ointment ca be used during lactation. That is the reason, why we are producing our "Ringelblumensalbe" for the local hospital "Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen".



10 g Tube  - 1,10 €

10 g Kruke - 1,10 €

50 g Kruke - 5,05 €

100 g Kruke - 8,05 € 

250 g Kruke - 16,10 €





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